Bang Gang by Jade West

OMG – You Must Read This Book!!<br>Darren Trent and Jodie are a separated couple with two little girls.<br>They live in a small village with lots of gossip.<br>Whereas Jodie works as waitress ; Trent is a mechanic in his own garage.<br>And he and his 4 mates Buck, Jimmy, Hugh and Petey work a side business as a Bang Gang. Yes a Bang Gang for hire.<br>They provide car service with benefits amongst other services and soon they are wealthy.<br>But Trent has still feelings for Jodie…<br><br><br>This book is not for the faint of heart. Just like in Jade´s other books there is graphic sexual language. And it is HOT. With a capitel H.<br>Reading “Bang Gang” my jaw hit the floor- literally. <br>I cried for both Jodie and Trent and for the girls. These girls. A shy one and a feisty one.<br>I laughed so hard, so hard.<br>Nobody writes dirty naughty booksex like Jade West.<br><br><br>My favorite book in 2016 so far was” Sugar Daddies” but now it´s “Bang Gang”.<br> “Bang Gang” is an Absolute MUST READ . <br>I flove this book so hard and highly recommend it- Highly recommend it !! <br>Thank you Jade West. I wish I could give 6 Stars.


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