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Bang Gang, Sugar Daddies, Teach Me Dirty: Box Set by Jade West


Bang Gang

OMG – You Must Read This Book!!
Darren Trent and Jodie are a separated couple with two little girls.
They live in a small village with lots of gossip.
Whereas Jodie works as waitress ; Trent is a mechanic in his own garage.
And he and his 4 mates Buck, Jimmy, Hugh and Petey work a side business as a Bang Gang. Yes a Bang Gang for hire.
They provide car service with benefits amongst other services and soon they are wealthy.
But Trent has still feelings for Jodie…

This book is not for the faint of heart. Just like in Jade´s other books there is graphic sexual language. And it is HOT. With a capitel H.
Reading “Bang Gang” my jaw hit the floor- literally.
I cried for both Jodie and Trent and for the girls. These girls. A shy one and a feisty one.
I laughed so hard, so hard.
Nobody writes dirty naughty booksex like Jade West.

My favorite book in 2016 so far was” Sugar Daddies” but now it´s “Bang Gang”.
“Bang Gang” is an Absolute MUST READ .
I flove this book so hard and highly recommend it- Highly recommend it !!
Thank you Jade West. I wish I could give 6 Stars.

Sugar Daddies

OMG OMG OMG . I love love love Sugar Daddies by Jade West.
After The Dirty Bad Series I couldn´t wait to get my fingers on Sugar Daddies and I HIGHLY recommend this book.
Meet Carl and Rick who looking for Miss Right on a sugar daddy website. And Katie who has dreams od her own.
But no spoilers.
Sugar Daddies is my favorite read in 2016 !!
I wish I could give 10 stars.
Thank you Jade West!!

Teach me Dirty

They tell me it’s unhealthy, just a stupid crush. They tell me it’s infatuation, and will never come to anything. Never mean anything.
But they’re wrong.
I really do love Mr Roberts.
And what if… just what if Mr Roberts wants me, too?
What if Mr Roberts really does want to Teach Me Dirty?
That´s the blurb.
Helen Palmer is a 18 year old student and loves her high school art teacher Mark Roberts.
Will they be together ?
Favorite quote : Helen “I wanted to stay for Mark, and he wanted to leave for me.”

I love Jade West´s books and they are a oneclick everytime and I Highly- HIGHLY – recommend them !!!
Thank you for this wonderful boxed set.