Fragility Unearthed is Live

Fragility Unearthed
By:Rebecca Royce

Malcolm is missing. Levi is taken. And all the light from the world has gone with them.

Kendall Malcolm thought the world ended when her marriage ended and her life fell apart. She was wrong. Things could be a lot darker. She stands at the precipice—leader, mother, warrior—placing herself between the world and darkness.But does she have to do it alone? It’s looking that way.
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About the Author

Rebecca Royce is a New York City girl living with her husband and three children in Austin, Texas. She loves happily ever afters, science fiction–specifically Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Dune–Broadway Musicals, Comic Book Movies, and anything that makes her go WOW I didn’t see that coming.

Although a lot of people know her for her bestselling wolf-shifter series (multiple), lately she is writing Reverse Harem New Adult Romance, Science Fiction Romance, and Dystopian Young Adult stories. She still loves Wolves and writes them as well.**Note on her RH series, Wings of Artemis, each heroine gets two books to complete her happily ever after. Two books. Melissa–Two Books. Diana-Two Books. Future Heroines–Two Books**

Rebecca is almost always on social media (she writes with it on.) and loves to hear from her readers. Come say hello sometime!

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My Review: Fragility Unearthed by Rebecca Royce is the third installment in The Cascade Series and is not a stand alone. For better under standing please read the other two books first.

Fragility Unearthed picks up where book two ends.
Levi is taken by a mighty shadow and Malcolm is missing.
Kendall has to master all problems alone.
She manages to rescue both men with the help from her friends and colleaques.
Kendall is a lightbringer and now also a practitioner.
Just like in the other two books there are enemies and gravely danger.
And in the end Kendall has to bring a ultimative sacrifice.

My heart was bleeding for Malcolm and Kendall.
Warning this book ends with a major cliffhanger !!
I liked the characters, some more than others. And this book is well written, I like Rebecca Royce’s words.
4 Stars and Thank you Rebecca Royce !!


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