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“I had a nice time tonight,” he said. “Thanks for letting me dip my fry in your shake.”

She smiled and shook her head, her eyes sliding to the ground. She looked adorably sexy. Another glimpse into that softer side of his tough girl.

With a finger beneath her chin, he lifted her face so she had to meet his gaze. “That goes for you, too. If you don’t feel safe at any time, any hour, you know you can call me.”

She looked at him for a long moment, as if she was struggling to decide if she should make a smart-ass remark, or go with the heat between them. It seemed to be the look du jour.

A smile crept across her face, and she climbed into her car. “And feed into that big head of yours? I don’t need protecting, but I’m glad you’re helping that little boy.”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek. He’d snuck kisses like this a few times, but it always felt like the first time. His lips lingered on her warm skin, soaking in her feminine scent. “You haven’t seen my big head yet, sugar. But I’m pretty sure you’ll like it even more than the one you’ve been staring at all night. Drive safely.”

She closed the door and rolled down the window. “Why do you keep texting me your name?”

He felt himself grinning. “I may have been out of sight, but I’ll make damn sure I’m not off your mind. ’Night, sugar. Drop me a text to let me know you got home okay, and lock your doors.”

She rolled her eyes. “I will if I want to.”

“Oh, you do.” He blew her a kiss, listening to the sound of her locks clicking into place and wondering how long it would be before his phone vibrated with a text.

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My Review:  Truly Madly Whiskey by Melissa Foster is a stand alone romance novel.
This is Bear and Crystal’s book. A steamy and emotional love story.
There is Crystal Moon who don’t wants a relationship. Her life is complicated with her family as it is.
And there is Bear Whiskey, a bar and auto mechanic shop owner, a tattooed biker.
If you think this is a bit too much, no it works for him.
He’s a really good guy. Loyal, warm and genuine.
Bear wants Crystal. He pushes and she pushes back.
Is there a HEA? Can she pull her head out of the clouds?

Reading Truly Madly Whiskey I wanted to shout at Crystal: girl come to your senses.
Oh and I want my own bear, pretty please.
This book is a fun and sexy read and I give 4,5 Stars.
Thank you Melissa Foster !


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