FOX by S.M. Lumetta is Live !

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Title: Fox

Author: S.M. Lumetta
Series: Bodhi Beach #1 (Standalone)

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 17, 2017


What’s a little sex between friends?

Sophie Fordham never thought much about motherhood until her body forced her to. With the onset of early menopause, she knows if she wants to have a baby, it’s now or never. So what’s a single, financially-strapped girl to do? Go with what you know, of course.

Fox Monkhouse has been Sophie’s gorgeous best friend since preschool. This sun-kissed surfer boy has no shortage of ladies, but she’s hoping he’ll put that aside to help her out. As there’s never been anything romantic between the two, things get awkward when she asks him to put a bun in her oven—especially since it has to be done the old-fashioned, no-pants dance way.

When Fox agrees to do the deed, Sophie is ecstatic. But she soon realizes that this chance at a baby could cost her everything. Keeping sex and emotions separate is clearly not in her wheelhouse especially when her best friend is involved. If their relationship can’t evolve into something new, their unusual arrangement could destroy the friendship of a lifetime.









S.M. Lumetta was born in Detroit, MI, and now resides in NYC. Since she was small, she has adored storytelling in all its forms, especially books and films. Sooner and later, she figured out that since her love of words was overwhelming, she had no choice but to take the words in mind and share them. Romance is her favorite read, but horror and crime novels are a close second. She loves to travel and has a bucket list of places to visit long enough for several lifetimes. She also has a plethora of unnecessary t-shirts, a penchant for sarcasm, and a unholy love for the oxford comma.








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My Review:

Let me say I Love This Book !
The characters are great and the story is captivating. A wonderful package.

Meet Sophie, at 28 her body is to go in early menopause. If she wants a child it has to be now.
And there is Fox Monkhouse, her best friend since childhood. He’s a bit immature, but I liked him , like really liked him.
She starts dating, but there are only loser out there. The same with matchmaking and sperm donor.
Sophie has the idea that Fox should be the father to be.
Fox agrees and they start project babymaking. And they’re really good at it. Then the cardhouse crumbles to the ground. Have they destroyed their friendship?

I really, really love this book. I love Fox the manchild. I love Sophie’s sass. I love how they struggle, fight and win. And I loved this beautiful and well deserved HEA.
I love their journey and the path they choose.
Fox is a book that stays with me.
5 Stars and Thank you SM Lumetta!


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