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USA TODAY bestselling author Rebecca Shea brings you the third title in her thrilling and sexy romantic suspense Bound& Broken Series, BETRAYED BY LIES. Order BETRAYED BY LIES, and be sure to grab your copies of BROKEN BY LIES and BOUND BY LIES today! Fall into the deliciously dark world where the line between good and evil becomes blurred.





From the USA Today bestselling author of the Unbreakable series, comes a sexy, heart-wrenching novel…Betrayed by Lies.
As an ATF agent, bringing down the Estrada cartel has been my sole mission. I’m a skilled agent, determined and fearless, but a relentless pursuit and a willingness to risk everything almost killed me.
A year later, when an opportunity in Los Angeles presents itself, I jump at the chance to start over and rebuild the career and life I almost lost.
Kate Stevens was not part of my new plan. I never expected she would be the one to save me from my past. She was exactly what I needed—smart, beautiful and independent. I finally have a future I look forward to.
Only nothing in my life ever goes according to plan. Losing Kate is not an option, but fate seems poised to ruin me, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.


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And don’t miss the first two books in the Bound & Broken Series!

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My Reviews:

Broken by Lies:       Broken by Lies by Rebecca Shea is the first book in this series.
Meet Emilia Adams. She’s all alone. Her mum is dead and her father- she never met him.
She travels to Phoenix to meet her father, but nothing goes asa expected. She meets Alex and the have insta-chemistry. But he tells her lies ober lies. In the end he sacrifices himself for her.
5 teary- eyed Stars.


Bound by Lies:       Bound by Lies by Rebecca Shea is the second installment in the Bound and Broken series.
Boung by Lies picks up where Broken by Lies ends up.
Emilia believes Alex is dead and is devastated. She mourns hin deeply. And there is Sam.
Sam is his estranged Twin. A twist I never had thought of.
He wants Emilia for himself. But there is a little complication. Emilia is pregnant with Alex’s child.
And- surprise- Alex is alive. He goes into witness protection and laves Emilia behind.
When book one was full of lies, Bound by Lies tops it easily.
Everyone- every single person- lies to her face. But Emilia had enough – she leaves.
I liked the next installment and give 4,5 Stars.


Betrayed by Lies CR Banner


Betrayed by Lies:     Betrayed by Lies by Rebecca Shea is the third installment in the Bound and Broken series.
Betrayed by Lies can be read as stand-alone, but for better understanding I recommend to read the other books first.
This is Sam’s book.
Sam Cortez, ATF agent and twin brother to Alex. He had a major crush on Emilia, Alex’s wife and thought he loved her.
Now, one year after the great show down he has his life in order. He moved to LA and rebuild his career.
And then he meets HER. Her that is Kate. And now he knows what a soulmate is.
Betrayed by lies is a raw, but wonderful read. Read how they are challenged by fate and what they do about it.
Meet old friends and new acquaintances. This book goes at a slower pace than the first two. I liked it. I liked that there is more focus on feelings .
I recommend Betrayed by Lies and give 4,5 Stars.
Thank you Rebecca Shea.




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