The Surgeon´s Wife is live

Title: The Surgeon’s Wife

Author: Solange St. Brice

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult

Published: May 25, 2017

Publisher: ENVISION School Publishing


When her husband of less than a year is reported MIA, Sabrina Jones is left alone to deal with the pain of losing her husband. Determined to make a go of her life in the health care field, Sabrina buries herself in her work as a physical therapist assistant, even taking on extra work with private clients. Little does she know that accepting a private client from the head of orthopedics will change her life forever.


Six years ago, Michael lost his twin brother in a horrific automobile accident. Since then, he has stepped in and assumed the male role in the life of his young niece and his sister-in-law. But now he feels it’s time to take back his life and start living again as a single man. He has his eyes on a young physical therapist assistant in his department, Sabrina Jones.

After trying different approaches with no success, he develops a brilliant plan, which works only too well. Now Michael has to work on bringing Sabrina around to his way of thinking. But before he can convince her, he has to first deal with the commitment he’s made to his deceased brother. Only then will he be free to pursue his heart’s desire—Sabrina Jones.

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>Solange St. Brice is my alter ego. I do most of my writing under a different name, so there is not much to write here, other than to say, I love traveling, to Europe especially. I love London. I have a couple degrees but I have since  retired from full time work. Now my writing keeps me very busy. I’m looking to adopt a dog; I have yet to decide on the breed. I live with my husband, who is my best friend. I have a book due out on May 25th in celebration of my birthday. When I develop enough self-confidence, I’ll merge my alter ego with myself and then you’ll have the ‘real’ me. oxoxox

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The Surgeon’s Wife by Solange St. Brice is a standalone contemporary romance novel.
Meet Sabrina Jones, she’s a physical therapy assistant and her husband is MIA from the military.
And there is Dr. Michael Rosenberg, he’s a successful doctor at the hospital. He lost his twin years ago and helps his sister in law and niece.
He has his eyes set on Sabrina, wants to date her. She hesitates.

The Surgeon’s Wife had me well entertained, I liked the characters and I liked the words.
The sex scenes are uber hot.
The Surgeon’s Wife is told in a single POV.
I give 4 Stars and thank you Solange St. Brice . journey1


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