His Turn is live

Title: His Turn

Series: Turning #3

Author: JA Huss

Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense

Release Date: July 4, 2017


I look her

body up and down as I circle her.


I smile a

devious, deviant, I’m gonna make you

sorry you ever started playing this game with me smile.

And then I

take her hand.

I lead her

to the elevator.

We go up to

my apartment.

I tie her

wrists together with rope.

Raise her

arms above her head.

And chain

her to the ceiling.

It’s my


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“Why are

you so nervous?” I ask Jordan. We’re sitting in Smith’s bar. The table is

elaborately set for a nice dinner, our glasses are full of expensive alcohol,

and our cocks are happy. Why does he look like shit is about to hit the fan?

“She had a good time,” I say, sipping my brandy.


Jordan says. His eyes are glued to the elevator doors, just waiting for her to

come downstairs. “But it was sneaky, ya know?”

“What was

sneaky about it?”

He shoots

me a look that says, Come on.

“She gave

in, Jordan. We didn’t make her do anything.”

“Right.” He

sighs. “But you’re what, just pretending we didn’t have that conversation this

morning? You know, the one where you said, ‘I’m gonna fuck with her head so

bad, she’ll spin like The Exorcist?’”

“It was a

joke.” I laugh. “All we did was make her feel good tonight. She loved every

fucking minute of it. Even when I choked her with my cock. She couldn’t get



because she was drunk on your dick at the time, Bric. But that feeling is gonna

wear off and she’s gonna run the entire night through her head, and then—”

“Then she’s

gonna realize we know what the fuck we’re doing. That’s all.”

“No,” he

says. “She’s gonna realize you’re just playing with her emotions. Like you do

with every fucking woman you’ve ever been with.”


“So then

she’s gonna up her game, Bric. And this is gonna turn into a mind-fuck

shit-fest. I like her,” he says. “Maybe more than like her, OK? I don’t want

her thinking I’m like you.”

“You are

like me,” I say, getting pissed off. Why the fuck is he sharing her with me if

he likes her so much?

But I don’t

ask that question.

Because I

like her too. Just not in the same way.


Jordan says.

“See what?”

I ask


fucking evil grin you’ve got on your face. I know you well enough, Bricman.

Well enough to see the Machiavellian wheels turning inside your head. Do not

play with her emotions.”

“Why?” I

ask, my temper rising. “Is she some kind of fragile flower?”

But then I

realize this intrigues me.

“Stop it,”

Jordan says. “She’s not a puzzle, OK?”

“Then why

are we even playing?”

He huffs

out some air. Runs his fingers through his still-wet hair. “Because she’s not…”

He trails off.

“She’s not

what?” I ask. What the fuck is wrong with him tonight?

“She’s not

my type.”

“OK,” I

say, not really understanding.

“I mean I’m

not really her type.”

“Hmm,” I

say. “Do you love her?”

“No,” he

says. “Definitely not. But I like her. I could see myself playing with her for

a long time. And if you fuck it up, that won’t happen. You, of all people,

understand how fucking hard it is to get a girl you can trust in this game. One

who just gets you, ya know? We get each other, Bric. I realize it’s only been a

few weeks, but we know each other. I just like her. And we have an

understanding. I get to boss her around and be a dick, but she knows I’m not a

dick, right? She knows I’ll show up the next day and treat her nice and give

her a gift. She knows I’m just playing. We’re playing.”

“It’s a

game. Same as this,” I say.

“Dude, come

on,” he says, almost fully exasperated now. “You are a sick motherfucker, OK?

You know this, right?”

“Then why

am I even here?”


we’re good together, ya know. Not great. Yet,” he adds. “Not what you had with

Smith and Quin, obviously. But we understand each other. We work well as a

team. She liked that up there.”

“So what’s

the problem?”


problem is you’re in a weird place right now and I’m afraid you’re gonna take

it out on Nadia. Don’t do that, OK?” He stares at me. “Just be…”

“Just be

your back-up?” I ask, huffing out a laugh.

He shrugs.

But that’s it. That’s what he wants. Don’t overpower him. Don’t take her away

from him. Don’t make her rethink her strategy. Just help him keep her.

It takes me

a minute to decide if I’m angry or not.

I decide

I’m not. I don’t give two fucks about this Nadia girl. And my goal really was

to break her. So I shrug. “Fine,” I say. “You want a wingman. Fine. I’ll help

you out, Jordan. But when I need a favor, I’ll expect the same in return.”


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Author Bio

JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.


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My Review:

His Turn by JA Huss is the third installment in the Turning Series. This is not a stand alone and I highly recommend to read the books in order.
His Turn picks up where Turning Back ends. Rochelle, Smith and Quin are out of the picture. Anew game starts and Elias-Bric-Bricman makes his real appearance. Jordan and Nadia are two new players in the game.
I don’t want to repeat the blurb and I don’t want to spoiler here. Only know this. JA Huss is an outstanding author who’s words go straight to my heart. I love her words, I love her writing and I love, love, love her characters. Rock and Ronin was one of my first reads by her and I love these characters so much. And The Turning Series is no exception. I highly recommend this book and this series and wish I could give more than 5 Stars !!



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