The Escape is live

Title: The Escape: Soren’s Saga

Author: Nicky James

Genre: M/M Romance Contemporary

Release Date: July 14, 2017 

Dancing, loud music, drinking and sex… 


Who wouldn’t love a job that entailed all these things?

After giving up on school and being cast aside by an unsupportive family, Soren Matheson figured he’d landed every young man’s dream job.

But… there is a catch. 

Not everything is as it seems and at the end of the day… 

Maybe even dream jobs don’t exist.

Remy Moretti lives in a world of precision and order. When a chance run-in with a sassy, sarcastic blond one evening upsets his structured world, Remy needs to find out who he is.

What he discovers makes his hair stand on end. 

The defeat and fear hidden behind the young man’s eyes gives him nightmares.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this.

Until then, Remy will need to do whatever it takes to keep Soren safe.

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No Regrets


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About the author:

Nicky James lives in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. She is mother to a wonderful teenage boy and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband who, thankfully, doesn’t think her crazy.

Nicky has always had two profound dreams in life; to fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world and to write novels. Since only one of those dreams was a possibility, she decided to make the other come alive on paper.

Nicky writes MM romance books in a variety of styles including contemporary, medieval, fantasy, and historical.




reviewWith The Escape: Soren’s Saga, Nicky James did it again. She blew me away with this book.
The Escape is after No Regrets and Abel´s Journey the third book in a series who has no name- authors words.
The Escape can easily be read as a stand alone, there are only a few cross-over from previous books.
Be warned, this book is not for the faint of heart, it contains sensitive themes.
This is Soren and Remy´s story.
Soren is Abel´s younger brother, both are estranged from their family. He works at clubs to make meets end.
Remy- Giuseppe is a travel journalist and back in the country. They meet and Remy is smitten.
But both men have issues, deep issues. Remy needs order and loves his plans.
Both start to date and help each other out.
The Escape is the heart wrenchingly love story of two men.
The Escape gutted me. This book made me hurt, it made me cry for the characters and it made me love it.
I love the words, the writing is great and I could feel the characters emotions in the words. I highly recommend this book and the series. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Thank you Nicky James.

enticing journey1


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